Window Product Information - Shadings and Sheers

Hunter Douglas - Luminette Privacy Sheers
Hunter Douglas Style: Luminette Privacy Sheers

Window shadings and sheers

  • The most popular and growing category of window covering options include window shadings and sheers.
  • All of these products are made from fabric and offer the ultimate in light control.  Their versatility can provide complete privacy without complete darkness by simply adjusting the vanes for the desired amount of light. 
  • Shadings and sheers are made with a wide selection of soft fabrics, including opaque and translucent materials.
  • Both window shadings and sheers consist of soft fabric vanes that are suspended between two sheet fabric facings.  Window shadings vanes run horizontally and sheers run vertically.  These vanes rotate for a filtered view allowing for complete privacy or anything in between. Both window shadings and sheers are offered in a variety of fabrics ranging in opacity, texture and color.
  • Window shadings and sheers are extremely versatile and can be installed in almost any room in the home.  These products blend all the advantages of draperies, shades and blinds into one design.  Vertical sheers work particularly well on large window patio doors or on window walls.
  • The elegant and sophisticated looks of these window coverings make them perfect choice for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms.  They work well in contemporary and traditional settings. 
  • Hunter Douglas - Silhouette window shadings
    Hunter Douglas Style: Silhouette window shadings
  • It is important to note however, that window shadings and sheers may not be the best fit for pet owners.  Being a sheer fabric, they may get damaged at the hand of a cat and its claws.